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Who made A. Richard shotguns in belgium?

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I have a SxS 12 gauge hammer gun. It is marked A Richard on each sideplate. Under the barrels it is stamped 21186 AZ 47 12 Belgium. The Barrels are stamped Damascus Twist 12.
From sideplate to sideplate it is over 1-1/2 " wide. almost 1-5/8" This is a lot wider than any other Belgium made SxS I've ever handled. It's mad finding hammers very difficult. As it won't be used again I have finally heated and reshaped a pair of hammers to fit. But I'm stumped as to who made this gun. At least 3 generations of my family have used it. It will now be relegated to a wall hanger in my Dad's house. The sears are shot and the stock so dried out it would probably split.
Thanks for any help.
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this is what I found A. Richard

a name found on Belgium hammer double shotguns of unknown manufacture imported for sale by H&D Folsom of New York.

Also saw a reference saying 2 1/2" chambers......
I also have a shotgun, SxS, 12 ga that was made by "A. Richard" Co. in Belgium. I don't know if anyone's come across any further information for this gun, but any would be appreciated.

I found the gun in my Grandfather's workshed after he passed on, apparently a project that had long been forgotten. The hardware had become a chunk of rusty metal that I found in the bottom of a cut-away clorox bottle. I'd have pitched it if I hadn't noticed what looked like a gun hammer sticking out of it.

The shotgun's pretty ornate with a dog and a bird etched into the sides and then has a bunch of scrolling etched around the rest of the metal.

I know nothing about collector firearms but think I did a fair job restoring this as a wall hanger. I am told that it belonged to my Grandfather's Grandfather and I'd like to add another generation to it's legacy someday.

Anyway, would very much appreciate any information anybody might have about this company and/or it's age & value of this SxS.
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Carder says they were circa 1900, The value in that condition, is likely no more than $50 or whatever you can get for a wall hanger.. Bushrod
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