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Win 101 Through its Ages

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Shotgun Sports had a good article about the Win 101 from its genesis to its demise this past summer. My question is for 101 afficionados: How much stock dimensional differences occured through the ages? Are the dimensions and sight plain vastly different between the Trap Grade, Diamond Grade, etc., and where the dimensions and sight plain different through the years of different manufacturers? And, didn't Nikko produce a 101 for a year or two?
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Ben - June 2003 issue of Shotgun Sports Magazine: "Remembering Winchester's Model 101" by Donald Roberts. And if you don't subscribe to Frank Kodl's magazine, you should. Subscriptions: [email protected]
I'll drop you a photocopy in the post if you will email me your address.
Thanks PJR. I know about the kicking thing, I owned a 101 in the mid-80s. It moused my cheekbone consistently, but my scores were great. I went to a TM-1 after the 101 Unsingle.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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