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I own a 20 ga. Winchester Model 21, given to me by my uncle. I have no idea of the value. Where can I get a price quote for insurance or a prospective buyer?

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They are worthless, I'll just take that off of your hands. No need in you worrying about it. :D

OK, So it's probably worth a pretty good chunk in that Model 21's are one of the most sought after shotguns going right now.

If you can make an estimation as to what kind of shape it is in, are there any scratches or rust or pitting. Any cracks in the stock. Plus if you could put the serial number (use xxx for last three digits then we should be able to give you a rough idea. Also let us know about engraving and any other markings on the barrel.

We're not opposed to pictures if you feel like uploading some either. Everyone likes to see Model 21's
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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