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I bough a winchester 1300 but on the barrel it say 1400......What???

I fired the gun, when i clean the gun i discory that some thing inside the barrel.....the gas port been drill and someone plug up the gas ports with some thing......?????

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Sounds to me liek someone "Bubba'd" yas barrel. "Bubba" meaning sportarize or modifying a perfect gun into almsot basically junk. Underachieving wannabe gunsmiths that doesnt have a clue on what there doin half the time. Now Im not sayin they didnt do it in the meanin of tryin to do something good or only had what they had and fixed it up. If it works then it works I say. But remember safety. If I was you I would start pricing some winchoke barrels. Be safe and use the correct barrel for your shotgun. I have a Winny 1300 of my own and is rebluein a 1400 for a close friend. I know the gas ports you are talking about. They could be filled wit anytin from small mig welding to JB-WELD. jsut is not no tellin. If I was you and wanted the barrel back in original condition to the best. I would bring it to a well known and well apprecicated gunsmith and ask him to reopen the ports. You can do it but you want it to be right and perfect and letting a good gunsmith is the perfect and easy way unless you know for yourself that you can do it. Im sorry for rambling on but I hate it when people get the nerve to modify and good gun or somthing into something thas unsafe for the shooter and persons around him or what not. Be safe and get the correct barrel. I highly reccomend the 30" Ventilated winchoke with a MOD. choke on it. I have it on mine and its superb!!!!!! Just my .02

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