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Andy, you said:

"both the guns came with smooth bore rifle barrels"

It seems to me it would either be smooth bore or rifle barrel????
Not sure I've seen a smooth bore rifle barrel! Smooth bore is very different from a rifle barrel! But both, at the same time?

Good lesson is to decide what and why you want it before you buy it. It seems to me that your question is something like:

"I bought this Chevy hardtop because the price was so low, but what I really wanted was a convertible. Now it is going to cost me a lot to make it into what I really wanted."

If you want lots of quick service, go to a gun dealer and pay his price, if you want it cheap with lots of no service, go to WM. I go to both but know the difference.

With all due respect, few people if any have ever considered a Win M 1300 a collector's item. But to every one his own.

Sad story.
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