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Winchester 1300 Bolt assembly

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I got a little excited today and cleaned the bolt on the 1300. I found a washer on the floor. Did that come from the front of the firing pin spring where the pin goes through the bolt and bolt carrier group? Does that make sense?
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Some reason I can't ever seem to remember to log in. The previous post is from me.

Thanks Nortonics. Appreciate the input. As for the trap shooting I can't relate but it sounds as though it works well for that also.

I've been looking around also trying to find a used one but I got impatient and went and ordered one this morning. Cost me around $290. Seemed a little high but you know supply and demand. I looked all over the local area and couldn't find anyone that had one in stock. They all say that they sell as soon as they get them in. The place I ordered from went ahead and ordered three more when ordering mine.

Looking forward to getting it, doing a good cleaning and heading out to the tree line. Any advise on initial cleaning and break in? Again, I'm new to firearms and I'm only familiar with handguns.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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