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Winchester 1894

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I have two Winchester 1894's, serial numbers 83732 and 478086. I would be interested in an approximate value of each and any other historical information anyone might have?
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I am going to "assume" that you are talking about RIFLES. This forum is pretty much about SHOTGUNS. In any case folks are going to require a lot more information before even putting forth a "guess" on anything.

You might want to post this question (with all the information and pictures) on the sister-forum SHOOTINGWORLD.COM

Good Luck
Thanks for the feedback. I will do that will photos etc...
I can give the the dates of manufacture but value depends on a lot of things like condition, features, originality etc..
83732 was made in 1897 and 478086 was made in 1910.
What gauge?
I am not gun expert but is that a lever gun similiar to the ones Marlin still makes to this day?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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