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On a MEC 600 Jr. I reloaded and fired a 20-gauge HS hull 23 times.

On the last firing the crimp folds were still unsplit and the crimp itself was near-perfect.

I had no hull buckling (actually wrinkling) until reload No. 17. It worsened on successive reloads until Nos. 21-23 the crimp would not close completely because the hulls was giving way from the weakness at the wrinkling. Yet still, the crimp was near-perfect and there was not a single split in the folds.

The shell broke targets on every firing -- except, of course, for the first six, which were chronographed.

I was shocked, stunned and amazed as I progressed through that incredible number of reloads.

I still am.

Here's the recipe I used:

20-gauge Winchester HS hull
7/8 oz. reclaimed shot
15.5 gr. Hodgdon Universal (Bushing No. 20)
Win 209 primer
Orange Duster wad
Published pressure: 10,200 psi

Chronograph results:

Average velocity: 1,157 fps
High velocity: 1,196 fps
Low velocity: 1,112
Extreme spread: 84
Standard deviation: 34

Individual shot velocities for the six-shot string beginning with the first reload:

#1 -- 1,138 fps
#2 -- 1,178 fps
#3 -- 1,112 fps
#4 -- 1,196 fps
#5 -- 1,131 fps
#6 -- 1,188 fps

The shots were all fired from a GaugeMate reducer insert in a 12-gauge Ruger Red Label.

Now if the same or almost the same results can be obtained from a 28-gauge HS hull I'll become a total convert to HS hulls (and take back all the nasty predictions I've made for their future).
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