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Found a pretty good description of how to disassemble this sucker here: ... hp?p=54061
However, when following the bolt removal instructions, I can get the bolt to pop up and slide back, but I can't remove it from the reciever. This is pretty annoying because I can't clean the whole bolt with it stuck in there, and I literally completely dis-assemble my guns after I fire them (this gun has reliably fired and cycled over 600 rounds in the past 2 days, I absolutely love it) and properly lubricate it, but this part has got me stumped.

Long story short:
Barrel/mag assembly removed, trigger assembly removed, as is the shell stop. Bolt is in the reciever, reciver on it's back so that barrel threads are on my right and I'm looking at the bottom of the barrell.

Instructions state to use a small screw driver and push the tab closes to the barrell into the bolt, which allows the bolt to pop up and slide back, which it does. And then it says to slide the bolt back and pull it up. The bolt will pivot up, but will not be removed. Any help or links or pictures on this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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