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Hello knightoday: Well you should be able to get a schematic from Not much info floating around on the Md 1911 SL anymore.

Other than removing the forearm cap, sliding off the forearm and barrel, for inspection and cleaning is as far as I recommend. Taking a receiver down can be trickey getting back together. They are not near as simple as the gas semi-autos of today. Just get a can of "Gunscrubber" or equivelent and spray the inside down the best you can let dry and spray some gun oil inside. Clean the external spring on the mag tube, and barrel, reassemble.

The Md 1911 has some timing issues with being a recoil operated gun and they can get screwed up real easy. Most gunsmiths hate these guns!! :D

Unfortunately this was Winchester's first attempt to compete with the Browning A5, and it failed miserably. This gun is more of a novelty, not even an occasional shooter.

Regards Dave
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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