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Winchester Model 1300 Defender

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Hey guys, I really need yalls help or opinion on the Win. Mod. 1300 Defender. I really want one for Christmas, but I really don't know if it's a good defense/light hunting gun. Any help or reviews ya have for the Wichester Model 1300 Defender would be greatly appreciated!! :wink:
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I have really enjoyed mine. It is smoother than my 870. They are not kidding when they call it a speedpump. Good shotgun for the money. I would buy another.
I Just bought one and fired it for the first time a couple days ago, I shot remington slugger slugs, had a hell of a kick. I dont know how convinced I am of its accuracy though.

Does anyone know how to take the stock and put the pistol grip on, and is this really the way to go for home defense, the pistol grip that is.
A defender with its little barrel wouldn't be good for hunting but if you want to compromise a 24'' barrel would great for both. They are excellent guns and have a very smooth shuck.

You will need the shorter stock screw from Winchester. It will be a hex head screw. To remove the standard stock, remove the two small screws that hold the recoil pad on. Find a long shafted flat blade screw driver and remove the buttstock screw. Just attach the pistol grip with the shorter screw and your done. Mine originally had the pistol grip and I just ordered a standard stock from Cabelas. From all the reading I have done on tactical/combat shotguns, the standard stock or pistol grip with full length stock is the way to go. The pistol grip only shotgun is actually harder to hit with and is hard to control under full recoil (trust me on the recoil!). The pistol grip only does make a very comapct package, but I would stay with what you have.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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