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Hey guys, I need help on deciding which 1300
to get for Christmas. I like the Defender, but it really isn't made for hunting, so thats a big downfall. I have found the Upland Special, and it looks sweet, and looks very maneuverable for a field shotgun. I really need any help or opinions yall could give me on which to choose. I need a good shotgun for deer/bird hunting, but I want it also to be maneuverable. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

i dont know about the defender but i did get to try an upland special on opening day of dove season
what a sweet shotgun swings and shoulders like a dream
im ordering one next week for my father in law for christmas
i have the 1300 ranger field in 20 ga and i feel its a good gut too but im having ejection problems with it so it is at the smith right now im sure we will get it back in order soon!!
good luck
divr6347 :) :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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