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My brother (16) and I (23) inherited a winchester 24 side by side 12ga with a 20in cut barrel from our gramps. It is in great condition and has flawless chop job, my problem is is that my brother tried to "clean and lube" the trigger assembly via a total teardown :evil: ! he has successfully removed all the screws (trigger guard, 2 that hold the bottom plate on, and one on top that is under the break lever) and then luckily he couldnt go any farther because he didnt have a screwdriver long enough to reach into the butt and remove the box assembly. At least I think that is how it comes apart. Anyhow I now have the gun and the break lever is loose like there is a spring that is not connected, and the safety and triggers are froze. Before i take the gun apart to fix it (I hope thats how it will turn out :wink: ) I would like to have an exploaded view of the gun (which i cant find anywhere) or at least the reasurance that I wont have the exploaded view in my lap!! Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is [email protected] This is a great fourm with some real good guys. Thanks again

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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