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Everything jugchoke said, plus: the cheapest model 37 in 410 I have seen lately was at a trade in London, Ky, and it was $400.00. :)

Get a bore brush, some bore cleaner, and get a 410 cleaning jag. Don't get one of those slotted tips, get a jag. If you can't find one in 410, one for a 40 cal or 10mm handgun will work fine. Clean the bore with the brush and cleaner, then with patches on the jag. When the patches come out clean, run a patch oiled with either Break Free CLP or Rem Oil through the bore.

If you don't feel confident to do so, get someone who knows what he is doing and remove the stock. Spray the receiver inside and out with a spray type gun scrubber. When it is dry, just a few minutes, spray it with CLP or Rem Oil. Hang it up or lay it on multiple layers of paper towels and let the oil drain, a couple of days. Wipe it down with a dry cloth or those blue paper towels. Wipe the outside of the barrel down with oil until your towel comes out clean. Put a thin coat of a good gun grease, or even a moly grease, on the hinge, hinge pin, the locking cut or groove, and the locking bolt. You may want to refinish the stock and forearm and for that do a search on gunsmithing/restoration.

If the bore is not badly pitted, it can be polished and put back into operation if you should wish to do so.

I think you have one of the finest, if not the finest, single barrel shotguns ever made. A model 37 in 410 is what I started out with in 1958 or 1959. :D
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