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My dad and I both have a Select energy sporting, I have only had 1 FTF in about 6-7k rounds using factory ammo, he has had about 6. We started reloading our own shells using Fiocchi primers and I had 3 FTF in 100 rnds. and my dad had about 10 in 50, all in the lower barrel, which I heard is a common complaint on guns like the browning and now our S.E.'s, which use an angled lower firing pin.

DL made some suggestions how to tweak the primer seat on the press to see if it will help, but the Fio's seem to compound the problem. He also said Wolf sells heavier duty springs and that I could just replace the lower and that should solve all our FTF's. Problem is I don't see anything listed for our Winchesters. I was wondering if we could just crank the hammer spring nut a few turns to increase the tension, or if by chance there is a cross reference on the heavier duty springs from a Browning seeing how the SE is made by FN and the warranty is through Browning.. ?? Any help would be appreciated...
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