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Winchester Super X2 trouble cycling

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I just bought a Winchester Super X2 3.5" and took it to the skeet range. Just about every shot the shell would get stuck in the chamber and not eject out. I was using light winchester 2 3/4 loads. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this problem, or is their something I can get for the shotgun? The guy I bought it from said it might just need to be shot a whole lot untill it starts cycling better, could this be true? I will mainly use the gun for skeet, so I would like to fix the problem, thanks for the help.
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From all the REAL experts here, I would suggest shooting a couple hundred rounds of a heavier ammo through your new gun to break it in.
With a 3-1/2 inch gun, you may never be able to shoot light loads. Some do, most don't. If you stick with a 1-1/8 oz, 3 dram equiv load, it should work fine; any load lighter than that is iffy. Also, keeping everything clean and lightly oiled will help.
I was using the winchester 1-1/8 oz, 3 dram equiv load, and I cleaned the gun and put a thin coat of oil on. I will try breaking it in with some heavy loads and then going back to the skeet range. If I can't get it to work hopefully I can sell it and get a Beretta Urika instead.
Although I've only been shooting for a little over a year, I'm not fond of the idea of shooting a gun designed for the heavier 3.5" loads being used to shoot clays and expecting it always cycle target loads properly. Manuals and/or web sites for the SX2 and other guns (Browing Gold) state that the 3.5" guns are designed to handle the heavier loads. It's just my opinion that you're lucky if your 3.5" gun will handle the loads, but you shouldn't be upset if you try to make the gun perform a task for which it wasn't designed and it does not perform reliably.
Winchester says the shotgun can handle 2 3/4, 3, and 3.5 loads, thats what I expect it to do. I am new to hunting and shooting sports and I feel I was mislead. I plan on selling this shotgun and buying a Beretta AL391 Urika 3'' chamber 12 gauge. Will the Beretta shoot and eject correctly? Thanks
Yes, it says the SX2 will handle 2 3/4" shells, but if you download the Winchester catalog or view it online, you will find that the specs for the gun indicate that "light" loads for the 3.5" gun are 2.75", 1 1/8oz loads, not the even lighter 1 oz target loads. Yes, it's "in the small print", but it's still there. If you're having problems with 1 1/8oz loads, then you've got a valid gripe, but I'll hold to my opinion if you're having problems with 1 oz loads.

The catalog does say that the 3" gun will handle the 1 oz loads. Not much comfort, I'm sure, since you've already purchased the gun, but maybe if you follow the suggested "break-in" procedure suggested, the gun will handle the 1 oz loads eventually.
I never used the 1 oz loads, I only use the 1 1/8 loads. I might just keep the shotgun for hunting and get the Beretta later for skeet.
Well, try running the heavy loads through it like suggested. I'd be interested in hearing the results. Last month I questioned the need for "break in" on a new gun as I had not heard of such a procedure and asked if it was really necessary. Be interesting to find out your gun did eventually handle the light stuff after running several boxes (or a case?) of 3.5" rounds through it.

I have 2 winchester SX2 one in 3 and the other in 3 1/2 they both cycle 2 3/4 shells just fine. How much do you want for your winchester SX2?
When they say all 2 3/4 3 3 1/2 shells I think it says all field loads not target.
I am selling the winchester Super X2 for $700.

I can buy a new one for 675.99 at Whittaker guns
Geez, I payed $800 at my local gun dealer. I want to get atleast $650, I only used it 100 rounds skeet shooting. I will probably have to sell it around here since its cheaper on the net.
I love my 12 ga. 3 1/2 SX2 synthetic stock! Smoothest auto loader I've shot. Some cycle with a perceptable slide or clunk, while the Winchester just spits out the old and loads the new with no noticeable 'feel'. In fact, its the fastest cycling autolader made, with 5 shells cycling in 0.51 seconds.

I suggest you give it a chance, normally, its a fast cycling, balanced gun. I've never had a cycling problem (weak firing pin impact, yes, but not cycling). I use remington 7/8 oz loads for clays, trap and skeet exclusively ($27 for a case), and have no problem. I've shot literally thousands of these over the last couple of years. Maybe a box or two of 3 1/2 waterfowl loads will 'knock the burrs off' and end the cycling problem? If not, then you can sell it, although I doubt you'll get $500 for it (Winchester is now offering a new SX2 with a $50 rebate).

Good luck.
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