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I have an 870 express wingmaster that I bought in 1985. How much are should I sell this gun for today?

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All right,I'll bite.
[This post will most likely be moved to the I.D & Value forum.]
We'll need a little more information. Is it an Express or a Wingmaster? What gauge is the gun? What type of barrel does it have? Does the barrel have a vented rib? How long is the barrel? How is the barrel choked? Does it have a standard or youth stock? Last but not least;What condition is the gun in? Any rust?, inside or out. Is the wood in good condition?[i.e. has anyone carved their initials in it? chipped,scratched or gouged?]

I'd like to apologize ahead of time for the :shock: :? . Attribute that to a warped sense of humor.
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