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I have a Browning Sporting 725 in 12 and 20ga. I'd love a 410 but would like to ditch buying a whole unit at about 2.8k. Is there a way to get a barrel set in 410? off the 20ga? With or without a forend? Cost effective? or not much difference buying the whole gun?

I have a 410 SIlver Pigeon and it fits fine but 725 feels like made for me. That difference is gold.
Try out a Beretta Silver Pigeon III sometime and you are in for a shock. Because this particular model is built with a Browning Fit. My best fitting 12 gauge is a 1992 Browning Sporting Clays Lightning, it shoots exactly where I'm looking. I also have the Silver Pigeon III Sporting in 410/28 gauge. It also fits me dead on perfect. Had it out last weekend for a club fun 50 shoot at Skeet and first round of the day shot a 25. Did not expect that because with temps in the low 30's I had 4 layers on this creaky old body. I figured I would do well to hit 20 so that 25 was a pleasant surprise.

BTW, I am seriously considering just shooting the 410/28 for 4 gun Skeet this summer. At 68 years old it's a lot less work to shoot a 6 1/2 lbs gun than an 8 lbs. gun and it's a lot of fun to shoot the 28. I'll also note the 410 is an excellent caliber to practice with, it's cheaper to reload and it requires precision to shoot and building precision is one key to shooting well. I know that Joel Etchen has the 410/28 combo in stock and it might be worth considering. Note, these sets feature a wood upgrade so they are not cheap but IMO it's money well spent. Fact is that I consider purchasing my set to be the smartest gun purchase I have ever made.
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