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WTK.... Westley Richards and Charles Daly Doubles

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Have a couple old double barrels that I've attempted to research but have come up with little regarding the models or values of them.

Any help anyone can give me would be great.

#1- Westley Richards 12gua. side by side. Serial # T 93XX , Hamerless, two triggers, Nitro Proof barrels. Barrel look to have been reblued at some point...otherwise it's in great condition. some minimal engraving around the screw areas.

#2- Charles Daly hammerless 10gua Double. marked "Charles Daly Fine Damascus barrels"...Some floral engraving on rcvr. Ser#- 30XX
This was a pretty heavily used gun.....patina on barrels....cracked stock. Marks under handguard include a little crossed pistol emblem on the bottom of each barrel.

Apparently these were owned by a wealthy massachussettes yachtsman that my grandfather skippered for for a number of years.

I'm not really a very knowledgeabl person about shotguns(probably obvious from my post) so I really do appreciate any help you can give me. I was sooooo happy to find this forum. Have been searching like mad for a couple days to find more info.


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Westley Richards would be the one to ask. With the serial number they can tell you when it was made and what model , could also tell you current value.

The Daly with damascus barrels and crossed pistols (what is with the pistols they are never alone) is a Prussian Daly. See post below for the email of a gentleman who is a Daly researcher and can help you with your gun.

I sent an email to the gentleman you recommended.

Looks like Westley Richards wants $50 to do a serial number search. I'll have to wait on that until my next paycheck :(

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