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WW-HS 20ga better than old AA's

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This may be controversial but I have found the new HS hulls better than old AA's. I mixed together equal numbers of HS and AA 20ga once fired hulls. I have reloaded this batch of about 1000 hulls over and over and over (about 10+ times at least). I have actually lost count of the # of reloads. I only pitch them if they split on the side or split on top such that they won't crimp properly anymore.

Bottom line is the HS's have outlasted the AA's. Like Winchester said, the HS is a better hull.

Please note: this was not a scientific experiment. I didn't maintain precise count of hull life. My conclusion is based on my observation, not a scientifically controlled experiment so please, if you don't like my conclusion I encourage you to try your own. YMMV.
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It also depends on which old CF AA hulls you have. During the last bach of shells produced, Win quality contol went to hell.They were trying to produce a lower quality shell. Myself, I have both of some of the good ones and some of the bad.
the new hs hulls has its pros & cons.I like them in a 3/4 oz load with a orange duster wad in it.
I have to disagree. There are two problems the 20ga HS hulls bring to the table: the case volume is less, and the brass is thin and tempermental with Euro-sized economy primers.

It's hard to make any kind of blanket statements with Winchester hulls, as the lot-to-lot consistency is terrible. If you get a good batch, they're the best there is. If you get a mediocre one, half will split on the first firing.
I had a mixed lot of AA's I drew from. Many were 7+ years old, though only once fired. I can't determine the relative quality of the AA's through a casual look so I can't comment on if they were good one's or not.

I, too, like the 3/4oz load though I use the WW factory wad. It's gotten to where I only load 3/4oz 20ga and 1/2oz 410 shells for skeet practice. 28ga hulls are too expensive to replace so I only shoot them in matches. (I don't practice with 12ga at all. I don't like the recoil (!) and putting up 1 1/8oz of lead for skeet targets is really dramatic overkill. I've switched to 20ga for all my 12ga needs.)

I did go to WW WSF to properly load a 7/8oz payload in these HS hulls. From what I have read the new Alliant 20/28 may offer the same higher density and will probably work well in the hulls also. I've ordered some to try it out.
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I'm also a big fan of the 3/4 oz 20 ga loads, in my limited skeet experience; ALL one truly needs.

Then again...I have far, far better access to 12 ga hulls and DO shoot the 12 ga quite a bit. Try the WW grey wad or clone, WW AA hull, 16.0-16.9 of CLAYS, WW209 or equiv primer and 7/8 oz load. I load these with $1 a pound homemade #8 shot and use this load for skeet and 16 yd trap. I bought two 5K cases of the WW grey wads from an Estate sale with 5K of WW209's for all of $45. So this is a cheap load for me to produce.

FN in MT
I suspect powder choice would make a bit of difference, but I've had nothing but trouble with new style AAHSs using any AA or clone wad. Yes, I know that's what Winchester uses in factory loads, but I can't get away from turtle necking during crimping. The DR-20 fixed my problem. The Orange Duster is as bad as any of them. I load with Unique and Universal. Some Herco and Solo 1250 from time to time too. The old, and I mean old AAs were pertneart indestructible. Later CFs weren't worth the gas it takes to start a 55 gal barrel full of them ablaze. :cry:

I agrree BP, I got hold of some that were a lime green in color, not worth the price of a match.
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