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Previously posted in the 'I love my Remington' section:

So, I walked into the Pawn Shop with my Remington catalog and a $hitload of questions...

No more than a couple of minutes passed and the new owner of the shop pulls down a Japanese made ( Miroku ) Browning Auto-5 Magnum Twelve in pristine condition.
This gun belonged to the former owner of the shop.
It is the perfect companion to my Browning BAR MkII Safari / B.O.S.S. / 7mm Rem.Mag. rifle... :roll:
I looked long and hard at it and rationalize THIS purchase instead of one of the Remingtons I've been posting about for a week straight...

There's a guy right there in the shop with experience regarding the Auto-5, showing me how it works, making comments on the gun itself, and rightfully stating how 'if you show up at the range with THIS gun, everybody's gonna know you're not stupid...' 8)
Another Remington fan entered shortly after that and we queried him about the deal. He echoed the sentiments of the first guy...
It seemed that somehow this Browning Auto-5 possessed something that a 'run of the mill' Remington did not.
Well, with comments like that --- I said, "...pull the gun and I'll bring in my pre-64 ( 1951 ) Winchester Model 94 .30-30 and we'll talk..." :wink:
The shop owner swore he wouldn't screw me on the deal, so I'll be back and we'll work a deal.

I must admit --- when I took hold of this Browning Auto-5, I was instantly struck with the idea that it was the answer to my 'get a nice blue & wood shotgun' problem.
No doubt.

So, the deal is in the making, and that's that!
I hope you guys understand this is one of those 'walk in and get what you want - even if you don't know it!' kind of things.
Thanks for your patience.
I'll be back with other Remington questions regarding my 870 Express Super Magnum...

For now, I'm off to the 'I love my Browning' section to gain knowledge and favor!

And, that's my new story!
I'll need to know a few things about what I'm working on here.
Please steer me toward the knowledge I'll need to pridefully own this piece of shotgun history.
God Bless John Moses Browning!

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Read through the strings on this BBS. there is a lot of information already posted on history, steel shot, configuration, condition, value....

Start with the post by turtle called "a little help please", that will give you a little historical background on the A5...

If you have a specific question post it and we'll try to help.

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