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Hi there,

I live in Cape Town South Africa, and have been looking at refurbishing a 12 gauge side by side, that definately belonged to my fiances grandfather, and might've belonged to her great grandfather. However before I spend cash on it I want to make sure it is worth while. It appears to have been made by Scholefield of London & Birmingham (I can't find any info about this gunsmith) and has damascus barrels with intricate etchings of a hunt evident on the gun.

I would really appreciate any possible info on this shotgun.


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Steve I did find one for sale, it might give you an idea as to whether you'd like to do the refurbishing or not.

263)- Massive & Heavy Single Shot Large Bore British Shotgun, Possibly 8 Gauge, outside hammer, barrel is marked (Scholefield, London, Birmingham), minor damaged to stock near receiver tang, barrel is 38", finish has a nice brown patina, if you are a shotgun collector and you are looking for a truly unique piece this is it, VG condition, $ 500.00 Can + shipping.

of course convert Canadian play money to your currency

Another, not quite the same but it gives an idea of the gunsmiths art.
(183) CAPE RIFLE by Scholfield of London Ref:16906
30" steel barrels, one is 12 gauge the other .577 .450 rifled. Raised engine turned rib with a long row of express sights, consisting of 5 folding platinum sights and a ladder sight to 1,000 yds. Hammer action, top lever opening. Matching hammers. Very good pistol grip stock and Deeley forewood. Correct sling swivels. Very nice cape rifle, probably used in Africa.
Normal License Required $NZ3950

Hope this helps in your decision...

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I have a Scholfield myself which I use on a regular basis. Unfortunately I have had no joy finding any information about the history of the manufacturer.

What is the condition of the gun?
Does it have a serial number?
Can you send a picture?
My gun cost £900 (ish) 4 years ago


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