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Youth But-stocks for Trap

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My 10 year old son is interested in shooting trap. I need to equip a mod. 1100 Remington 12 ga. with a shorter but-stock. I need advice on the type of stock and good supplier. I am hoping to find a stock with a straight comb. Am I going in the right direction?

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You could either get an 1100 Monte Carlo stock and cut it off or get an 1100 youth stock and a comb raising kit.

Check these two links. ... hasJS=true ... hasJS=true

I strongly suggest that you get a youth stock for your ten year-old. You will not be able to come close to getting a stock designed for an adult to fit an normal-sized ten year-old.

The comb will be at the wrong heigth, the grip will be too large, as well as the stock being too long with a recoil pad that is also too long.

Your choice of guns is excellent. Please don't undermine the youth's shooting with a stock that doesn't fit him/her.

Here is another idea,

They make some great "custom" stocks at very reasonable prices. Their ladies version from what I read is pretty nice.

What's your take Rollin?
I wouldn't cut the stock because you will have to get a new stock when he out grows it.
I cut the stock off 1 inch of my sons 870 youth and then turned around and bought another 870 youth stock to replace it when he starts to grow. When both of my son's out grow the gun I figured I sell both stocks with the gun.
:? Thanks for all the great suggestions. I have been unable to find a 1100 12 GA youth stock. I Have checked with Cabela's. No Go in the 12GA. Checked with Wenig. Looks great but has a great price too. Does anyone know of a reliable supplier of 12 GA Youth Stocks?
Have you called Remington :?: :?:

Wenig makes great stocks. One of their youth models would be good if its dimensions were right for his son. It would be a lot better than trying to fit and adjust an adult stock to a ten-year-old. Their Website is: [/url]

Wenig also sells do-it-yourself stocks. They are 90% finished and need only to be final-fitted to the action, sanded and finished. They can be had in the dimensions of your choice for additional money.

It would be best to discuss groth considerations with them before placing an order. What you want most to avod is a comb that is too high and doesn't allow him to properly align his eye with the rib. Nearly as bad would be a comb that is too low which prevents eye-alignment accompanied by firm contact between his cheek and the comb.

A field style stock with its upward slanting comb may be the best bet with a little more length in the stock than is now needed. It would allow some drop at the comb adjustment by moving his head forward or back on the rising comb.

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For what it's worth iv'e been down this road twice. Don't discorage them by trying to make something fit.Buy a youth gun either a rem 870 up to a 20gauge or a mossberg bantam comes in every *****. I choose the mossberg because
i could get it in 12 gauge started them out with 7/8ounce loads
and gradually worked them up. When there done sell the gun or put an adult stock on. It doesn't take them long to outgrow.
Oh one thing extra i did do was puta morgan adj pad on gun to further fit it to my son's. To find a stock that fit's you will pay as much for the stock as one of these guns cost plus your still dealing with a heavy gun with long barrel they can't move quick enough. Just my imput
And that's as fine as frog hair!
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